FäsGräs produces a mature, finished lawn in 2-3 weeks, for about half the cost of sod.

Use FäsGräs to create new lawns, and you’ve eliminated one of the biggest problems that’s plagued home builders and developers for years: waiting time. Because the exclusive, patented FäsGräs process can grow your lawn in just three to five days—a lawn that can be ready for its first mowing in just two weeks!

That means that your new homes offer an added inducement to home buyers—the curbside appeal of a mature lawn showcasing the home, from the start. Yet FäsGräs adds no extra time to your construction schedule. Your new lawn can be ready when you are. And it’s guaranteed!

Avoid spot repairs

Since the patented FäsGräs process begins with pre-germinated seeds, your new FäsGräs lawn becomes established much more rapidly than with other methods, so weeds are less likely take hold and become a problem. And because the roots of your fast-growing FäsGräs lawn quickly stabilize the soil, spot repairs are rarely required.

Four steps to a new FäsGräs lawn.

  • Soil preparation. Your FäsGräs landscape professional inspects, analyzes and prepares the soil by adding nutrients or fertilizer as necessary. He may perform a soil analysis to determine the optimum soil modifications and the best seed for each of your sites. Then we clear and fine grade the soil, by hand, to prepare a seed bed to a depth of two to three inches.
  • Seed selection and pre-germination. Based on our analysis of your site and soil, we select the best certified seed for your site and carefully pre-germinate it under controlled conditions in our laboratory. Then we create a blend of pre-germinated seed, fertilizer, and hydro mulch that is customized for your site’s conditions.
  • Application. Our trained technicians apply the customized FäsGräs mixture using specially-developed hydro seeding equipment and methods perfected on thousands of lawns.
  • Irrigation. We install a temporary on-site irrigation system and monitor it for a minimum of three days, and up to three weeks if needed, to ensure that your new lawn has plenty of pure water while it’s getting established. And we do a follow-on fertilization to be sure that the lawn is well nourished through the critical first two to three months of growth.

FäsGräs is the result of 22 years of extensive research and development conducted in the field and in the laboratory by Milton Johnson. His years of analysis of the needs of the industry, the solutions he developed in the testing ground of day-to-day operations, and our 15 years of experience since then, have resulted in a process with significant advantages for home builders and home buyers alike.

With FäsGräs, the usual long wait for an established, healthy lawn has become a thing of the past!

Call us at 301 340-0805 and let’s discuss what you have coming up. Ask us for a quote using FäsGräs on your next project. Then prove it to yourself. Weather permitting, you’ll see visible grass in three days, a stand of one or two inch grass in a week, and two to four inches within two weeks. You—and your superintendents and customers—will be glad you did!

The FäsGräs Advantage

The FäsGräs lawn is unique, and the FäsGräs process is patented. The results are quite different from other hydro seeders, from conventional seeding, and from sod. Here’s how:

  • Pre-germination makes FäsGräs much faster than any other method.
  • Faster sprouting means a virtually weed-free lawn. The grass comes up so fast that weeds don’t have time to claim territory. Also, because the need for straw and hay used by conventional seeders is reduced or eliminated, weeds are not “carried in.”
  • FäsGräs can be planted anywhere, using local soils. In most cases, hauling in top soil and other conditioners is unnecessary.
  • FäsGräs can be applied any time the soil is workable. (To achieve three-day sprouting, minimum temperature should be above 55°F.)
  • The FäsGräs lawn becomes more stable faster, thus eliminating many spot repairs.
  • When someone wants to buy a new house, his expectations for the lawn are quite high, no matter what the price of the house. Builders tell us that these buyer expectations are often unrealistic, so satisfying them is not always easy. Most builders today try to provide the best lawn they can. That’s why smart builders turn to FäsGräs. Curbside appeal sells homes!
  • In many areas, a FäsGräs lawn can be installed for about half the cost of sod. Look at what you’ve been spending for conventional seeding, regular hydro seeding, or sod. Add the time and expense of complaints, repairs and supervision. Don’t forget pressures from the buyer, the banker, and the inspector. Imagine your buyers amazed with the lawn you gave them, and your lawn responsibility ending in two or three weeks. These factors add up to one conclusion: FäsGräs is economical, and is certainly worth a try!

The FäsGräs Guarantee

We guarantee that FäsGräs will create a beautiful, finished, mature lawn on your site, on time and at the quoted price. We guarantee grass in three days, a stand in one week, and a full stand of grass in two weeks, weather permitting.* If problems arise with the grass while the lawn is becoming established, we will take care of them at no additional cost.

* If temperatures go below 55 degrees at night, the growth will slow down.

Johnson Hydro Seeding installs FäsGräs lawns for the Washington metropolitan area, based in Rockville, MD.

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